• Prusa i3 ION

    Completely redesigned in ThingiBOX from the RepRap Prusa i3 project, this 3D printer features enclosed electronics and improved precision due to its lasercut acrylic frame and precise Tr8x8 Z-Axis.

  • Lewihe Play

    This printer has been designed to be used with flexible filaments and features an inner space designed to integrate a webcam inside the frame. All the other components are kept in the upper plate, hidden and yet accessible.

  • 4xiDraw

    Plotter with "core XY" movement that can draw any picture automatically but with handmade apperance because a pencil, a pen, a marker or a feather is used as the tool.

  • Prusa

    This printer features low cost, minimal BOM, simple assembly and calibration and good documentation. There is a growing number of variants, that altogether adhere to the general look and functionality of the original model.

  • Foldarap

    This is a foldable 3D printer designed for travelling. It fits inside a small suitcase and is built using a 20x20 T-Slot Aluminium Extrusion frame. It makes heavy use of Nema14 stepper motors.

  • Delta

    Delta-robots are mostly known for its use in pick-and-place work in PCB fabrication and generic packaging applications. They feature fast and accurate positioning and are relatively easy to build, allowing to print taller objects.

  • eWaste

    Mainly built using computer spares, this small 3D printer reuses two old CD or DVD drives for the X an Y axes and an acrylic structure to keep all together. Instead of an extruder you can also use the drives' focusable laser to build a little engraver.

  • Mondrian

    A cartesian 3D printer built with 20x20 Aluminium T-Slot extrusion. The design is completely scalable in any dimension, allowing to build machines of up one cubic meter. This machine can also be used as a CNC milling machine, laser engraver or plotter.

  • Tantillus

    Tantillus is a portable self-replicant printer. Its entire structure is printed in ABS. For more resistance and precision, it can also be made of MDF or methacrylate. Tantillus is a very compact 3D printer.