Lewihe Play

This printer has been designed to be used with flexible filaments and features an inner space designed to...

This printer has been designed to be used with flexible filaments and features an inner space designed to integrate a webcam inside the frame. All the other components are kept in the upper plate, hidden and yet accessible.


Lewihe Play

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  1. Lewihe Play Structure

    Lewihe Play Structure

    Includes metal housing, bars, print surface and mounting plate for the extruder nozzle Learn

    86,93 €

  2. Vitamins Lewihe Play

    Vitamins Lewihe Play

    Mechanical and electronic parts Learn

    120,32 €

  3. Plastic parts Lewihe Play

    Plastic parts Lewihe Play

    Printed in ABS or PLA plastic, extruder included Learn

    21,33 €

  4. NEMA 14 Stepper Motor

    NEMA 14 Stepper Motor

    High Torque NEMA 14 Hybrid Stepping Motor, 1.8° and 35mm Learn

    9,47 €

  5. MK8 Complete Extruder

    MK8 Complete Extruder

    Includes fan, metal heatsink, 40W heater cartridge and 100K thermistor Learn

    39,16 €

  6. Extruder Core

    Extruder Core

    MK7 Extruder Core Learn

    1,97 €

  7. LM Lineal bearings

    LM Lineal bearings

    Lineal bearings for smooth rods Learn

    4,02 €

  8. Shaft couplers

    Shaft couplers

    Shaft couplers Learn

    3,77 €

  9. Endstop switch with lever

    Endstop switch with lever

    Small limit switch, designed to be soldered or wired onto a circuit board Learn

    1,08 €

  10. Metric Threaded Rod

    Metric Threaded Rod

    Threaded galvanised steel bar DIN 975 (1m) Learn

    0,93 €

  11. Bipolar Driver DRV8825 3A

    Bipolar Driver DRV8825 3A

    Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver Learn

    4,84 €

  12. Heater cartridge

    Heater cartridge

    Allows you to easily remove the heated nozzle from the extruder without disconnecting the wiring. Learn

    2,10 €

  13. Power Source 12V 6A

    Power Source 12V 6A

    For small printers even with heated bed Learn

    15,63 €

  14. GT2 Timing Belts

    GT2 Timing Belts

    Reinforced rubber synchronous GT2 belt, 6mm wide, sold by meters Learn

    21,87 €

  15. GT2 Pulleys

    GT2 Pulleys

    GT2 pulley made of alluminium, for belts of up 7mm wide Learn

    3,96 €

  16. Tube fitting

    Tube fitting

    Press tube fitting for bowden extruders Learn

    1,33 €

  17. Heatsinks


    Built in Aluminium, with adhesive layer Learn

    0,57 €

  18. Heating Bed adjusting nut

    Heating Bed adjusting nut

    M3 nut for easy fixing and adjusting of the heated bed Learn

    0,62 €

  19. Power supply cable Mickey Mouse

    Power supply cable Mickey Mouse

    With earth grounding Learn

    3,59 €

  20. PTFE tube

    PTFE tube

    PTFE tube for bowden extruders and thermistors Learn

    0,45 €

  21. NEMA 17 stepper motor - 48mm

    NEMA 17 stepper motor - 48mm

    High Torque NEMA 17 Hybrid Stepper Motor, 1.8° and 48mm Learn

    16,48 €

  22. RAMPS 1.4

    RAMPS 1.4

    Reprap Arduino Mega Pololu Shield Learn

    12,15 €

  23. Arduino MEGA 2560

    Arduino MEGA 2560

    Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for anyone making interactive projects. Learn

    15,73 €

  24. Kapton Tape

    Kapton Tape

    Polyamide tape rolls Learn

    3,63 €

  25. Thermistor


    100KΩ Thermistor, ideal for 3D printers Learn

    0,45 €

  26. Bipolar Driver A4988 2A

    Bipolar Driver A4988 2A

    Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver Learn

    3,63 €

  27. Ceramic Screwdriver.

    Ceramic Screwdriver.

    Antistatic ceramic screwdriver. Learn

    1,95 €

  28. Extruder Barrel with heatbreak

    Extruder Barrel with heatbreak

    Nozzle throat M6 Learn

    3,36 €

  29. Smooth Rod Calibrated

    Smooth Rod Calibrated

    Solid 304 inox steel bars calibrated with H9 tolerance, taylormade cut Learn

    5,33 €

  30. Blue Painter's Tape

    Blue Painter's Tape

    Perfect to get good surface adhesion when printing with PLA Learn

    16,64 €

  31. BuildTak - Square

    BuildTak - Square

    BuildTak is a 3D printing surface for FDM 3D printers. It offers a superior alternative to using masking tape or heat resistant films (such as kapton) on your build plate. Learn

    11,05 €

  32. Pin crimping tool

    Pin crimping tool

    Pin Crimping tool for cables size Ø 0.1-1mm Learn

    20,35 €

  33. LCD 2004 Screen Controller for RAMPS

    LCD 2004 Screen Controller for RAMPS

    RAMPS controller with 20x4 LCD screen. Includes SD card reader to load designs without the need of a PC. Learn

    23,69 €

  34. USB Cable A-B 40cm

    USB Cable A-B 40cm

    Isolated USB cable, 40cm length Learn

    1,00 €

  35. Heat shrink tube

    Heat shrink tube

    PVC heat shrink tube Learn

    0,81 €

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