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4xidraw is a 2D Plotter that uses common drawing tools to draw vector images in plain paper

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This products only includes the plastic parts 3D printed in ABS or PLA.

For a complete kit you also have to purchase the remaining vitamins (complete kit with mechanical and electronic parts).

The 4xiDraw is a plotter that can draw on almost any plain surface with a size of an A4 sheet. It can use pencils, ball pens, and almost any painting instrument that the hand can hold.

With this machine it is possible to paint any vector drawing coming from Inkscape with the imperfections of the drawing tool and the perfection of the computer at the same time.

The pencil support can be rotated 45º in order to use a fountain pen or similar.

Some examples of use are:
- Formal invitations
- Signing of diplomas and certificates
- Hand made drawings
- Technical drawings
- Letters
- And much more!

This video displays the 4xidraw, the one available at Thingibox:


The design of his plotter is based on a project called AxiDraw that was modified and adapted to the Open Source community by Misan. This version has experienced further modifications and improvements implemented by the Thingibox team; these are available at GitHub.

The assembly instructions by Misan are available at Instructables.
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