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  1. 200x300mm Heated Bed Base

    200x300mm Heated Bed Base

    Prusa i3 base adapted for 200x300mm heated bed Learn

    € 18.88

  2. 300x300mm Heated Bed Base

    300x300mm Heated Bed Base

    Prusa i3 base adapted for 300x300mm heated bed Learn

    € 16.94

  3. Aluminium Round heated bed

    Aluminium Round heated bed

    PCB heated bed for 3D printers Learn

    € 26.63

  4. Axial fan

    Axial fan

    Small Direct Current Fan Learn

    € 1.82

  5. Blue Painter's Tape

    Blue Painter's Tape

    Perfect to get good surface adhesion when printing with PLA Learn

    € 16.94

  6. BuildTak - Square

    BuildTak - Square

    BuildTak is a 3D printing surface for FDM 3D printers. It offers a superior alternative to using masking tape or heat resistant films (such as kapton) on your build plate. Learn

    € 12.11

  7. Centrifugal fan

    Centrifugal fan

    Turbine for cooling the layered filament below the nozzle Learn

    € 4.20

  8. Extruder Cores

    Extruder Cores

    Extruder Core for extruder Learn

    € 1.98

  9. Fan duct

    Fan duct

    Fan duct used to hold the fan in the E3D J-Head extruders Learn

    € 3.22

  10. Heat shrink tube

    Heat shrink tube

    PVC heat shrink tube Learn

    € 3.63

  11. Heated bed 214x214

    Heated bed 214x214

    PCB heated bed for 3D printers Learn

    € 7.99

  12. Heated bed 314x214

    Heated bed 314x214

    PCB heated bed for 3D printers Learn

    € 42.47

  13. Heated Bed Clip

    Heated Bed Clip

    Binder clip for attaching the glass plate to the heating bed Learn

    € 0.25

  14. Heated bed glass

    Heated bed glass

    A completely flat surface for 3D printing Learn

    € 6.90

  15. Heater cartridge

    Heater cartridge

    Allows you to easily remove the heated nozzle from the extruder without disconnecting the wiring Learn

    € 1.57

  16. Heating Bed adjusting nut

    Heating Bed adjusting nut

    M3 nut for easy fixing and adjusting of the heated bed Learn

    € 0.61

  17. Heatsink for extruder core

    Heatsink for extruder core

    For direct extruders Learn

    € 3.98

  18. Heatsinks


    Built in Aluminium, with adhesive layer Learn

    € 0.59

  19. High amperage male-female connector

    High amperage male-female connector

    For extruders and heated beds Learn

    € 2.66

  20. Kapton Tape

    Kapton Tape

    Polyamide tape rolls Learn

    € 4.24

  21. Matt Fixer Lacquer PRO

    Matt Fixer Lacquer PRO

    Keeps the ABS and PLA plastics glued to the heated bed with only 80°C and allows an easy detach when cooling. Learn

    € 6.78

  22. Mirror for heated base

    Mirror for heated base

    Totally flat surfarce Learn

    € 6.05

  23. MK8 Assembled Extruder

    MK8 Assembled Extruder

    Compatible with Ender3 printer and clones Learn

    € 10.89

  24. Nozzle cleaning kit

    Nozzle cleaning kit

    Set of 10 drills for cleaning the extruder nozzle Learn

    € 7.07

  25. PTFE tube

    PTFE tube

    PTFE tube for bowden extruders and thermistors Learn

    € 0.45

  26. Silicone Heated Bed with thermistor 220V

    Silicone Heated Bed with thermistor 220V

    Built with flexible silicone Learn

    € 22.39

  27. Steel plate for silicone base

    Steel plate for silicone base

    Carbon steel ST-37 S235JR Learn

    € 5.45

  28. Thermistor


    100KΩ Thermistor, ideal for 3D printers Learn

    € 0.45

  29. Thermistor with cable

    Thermistor with cable

    100KΩ Thermistor, ideal for 3D printers Learn

    € 1.90

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