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  1. Heater cartridge

    Heater cartridge

    Allows you to easily remove the heated nozzle from the extruder without disconnecting the wiring. Learn

    2,06 €

  2. Heated bed 331x331

    Heated bed 331x331

    PCB heated bed for 3D printers Learn

    45,41 €

  3. Heated bed glass

    Heated bed glass

    A completely flat surface for 3D printing Learn

    6,90 €

  4. Heated bed 314x214

    Heated bed 314x214

    PCB heated bed for 3D printers Learn

    42,47 €

  5. 300x300mm Heated Bed Base

    300x300mm Heated Bed Base

    Prusa i3 base adapted for 300x300mm heated bed Learn

    20,21 €

  6. Heatsink for extruder core

    Heatsink for extruder core

    For direct extruders Learn

    3,98 €

  7. Heatsinks


    Built in Aluminium, with adhesive layer Learn

    0,59 €

  8. Heated bed 214x214

    Heated bed 214x214

    PCB heated bed for 3D printers Learn

    8,06 €

  9. Centrifugal fan

    Centrifugal fan

    Turbine for cooling the layered filament below the nozzle Learn

    4,20 €

  10. Heated Bed Clip

    Heated Bed Clip

    Binder clip for attaching the glass plate to the heating bed Learn

    0,25 €

  11. Kapton Tape

    Kapton Tape

    Polyamide tape rolls Learn

    3,63 €

  12. Axial fan

    Axial fan

    Small Direct Current Fan Learn

    3,03 €

  13. BuildTak - Square

    BuildTak - Square

    BuildTak is a 3D printing surface for FDM 3D printers. It offers a superior alternative to using masking tape or heat resistant films (such as kapton) on your build plate. Learn

    6,09 €

  14. Silicone thermal pad

    Silicone thermal pad

    Keeps the building surface in its place and keeps an uniform heat transfer, avoiding hot or cold points and therefore improving the model adhesion Learn

    6,28 €

  15. PTFE tube

    PTFE tube

    PTFE tube for bowden extruders and thermistors Learn

    0,45 €

  16. Thermistor


    100KΩ Thermistor, ideal for 3D printers Learn

    0,45 €

  17. Mirror for heated base

    Mirror for heated base

    Totally flat surfarce Learn

    6,14 €

  18. Silicone Heated bed 300 x 300 mm with wiring

    Silicone Heated bed 300 x 300 mm with wiring

    Built with flexible silicone Learn

    34,64 €

  19. Matt Fixer Lacquer

    Matt Fixer Lacquer

    Keeps the ABS and PLA plastics glued to the heated bed with only 80°C and allows an easy detach when cooling. Learn

    4,51 €

  20. Thermistor with cable

    Thermistor with cable

    100KΩ Thermistor, ideal for 3D printers Learn

    1,20 €

  21. Heating Bed adjusting nut

    Heating Bed adjusting nut

    M3 nut for easy fixing and adjusting of the heated bed Learn

    0,62 €

  22. Nozzle cleaning kit

    Nozzle cleaning kit

    Set of 10 drills for cleaning the extruder nozzle Learn

    7,07 €

  23. Aluminium Round heated bed

    Aluminium Round heated bed

    PCB heated bed for 3D printers Learn

    27,11 €

  24. Fan duct

    Fan duct

    Fan duct used to hold the fan in the E3D J-Head extruders Learn

    3,12 €

  25. Temperature Sensor DS18B20

    Temperature Sensor DS18B20

    Designed to measure the temperature of aquariums, soil, atmospheres, liquids, etc. Learn

    3,59 €

  26. Blue Painter's Tape

    Blue Painter's Tape

    Perfect to get good surface adhesion when printing with PLA Learn

    16,64 €

  27. Heat shrink tube

    Heat shrink tube

    PVC heat shrink tube Learn

    0,81 €

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