Payment methods

You have several options for paying your order placed on Remember that we always will send a message confirming your order to the email account your registered with Please contact us in case you don’t receive the confirmation. Your order may not have been registered properly in our online store.

Credit card

We accept most popular credit and debit cards. Once the order has been confirmed, a secure connection will be established with our payment gateway (virtual POS “4B”). You will have to enter the cardholder’s name, card number, expiration date and the validation code. Once the payment is completed you return automatically to the website of Some banks require a special password for electronic purchases. If you cannot make the payment by credit card without this password, please contact your bank for information and request an access key for electronic purchases.

Our bank guarantees an absolutely secure payment as your personal and credit card details are sent encrypted using a secure server (SSL) provided by Banco Santander. Your credit card details will not be registered in a data base, they will pass directly to the virtual POS. We do not receive these details, we only get notice of the payment.


You can pay your orders by PayPal system if you hold an account with PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, please visit for more information.

Bank transfer

For payments via bank transfer, please select the corresponding check box in the payment methods form. Our bank details will be displayed in the following page:

Beneficiary: Redsauce Engineering Services. S.L.

Account number (Caja de Ingenieros): Swift (BIC): CDENESBBXXX, IBAN ES933 025 0014 08 1400022262

You will also receive an email with our bank details. In order to expedite the shipping of your order, you may send us the payment receipt by email to It is very important that you indicate your order number or your email address when carrying out the bank transfer so we can identify the payment. We will ship your order upon receipt of the payment in our banc account.