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Reprap Arduino Mega Pololu Shield

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PWM controlled mosfet powered outputs3
Heated bed control with 11A fuse1
Thermistor circuits3
Pololu Stepper Driver sockets5 (4 plus 1 extra for a possible second extruder)
Set of Digital Pins for endstops6
Extra pinsPWM, digital, serial, SPI, I2C and analog
Operating Voltage5V
Input Voltage (recommended)7-12V
Input Voltage (limits)6-20V
Clock Speed16MHz
Does not include Arduino or Pololus 
The RAMPS 1.4 must be connected to an Arduino Mega 2560 (not included) and will be an intermediary between it and all your 3D printer connections. All stepper motors, temperature sensors, limit switches, the resistance heating of the HeatedBed, and the fuser or fusers (if you decide to use more than one) will be connected to the RAMPS.

For full functionality it is necessary to connect it to 5 bipolar stepper motor drivers. In the future you will be able to extend the functionality of your printer or CNC machine with new components, connecting them to the RAMPS (SD card reader, bluetooth, digital display, etc ...)

If the Arduino board is the DUE version the compatible RAMPS shield is the RAMPS-FD.
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