Arduino Mega MKS 2560 SB Premium

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Plate compatible with 3D electronic printers

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This board is an Arduino Mega 2560 two in one and ramps v1.4. Supports any type of driver.

The plate of 4 layers of high quality and with high quality Mosfets and a better dissipation of heat.

Accepts 12 to 24 V and is adapted to withstand heat problems.

In the Marlin configuration, the ramps are selected v1.4.

It is compatible with LCD 2004, LCD 12864 and MKS TFT 28.

Adapted to have an easy connection with the motors.

It offers outputs for Servos, interface AUX-1, AUX-2 that provides three outputs of 5 V, three outputs of 12 V.
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