Reflective infrared optical sensor TCRT5000

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Compact infrared sensor with transistor output

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Detection distance12 mm
Measurements10.2 x 5.8 x 7 mm
Max. forward current LED60 mA
Reverse voltage LED5V
Collector current phototransistor100 mA
Collector emitter voltage phototransistor70 V
Emitter collector voltage phototransistor5 V
By means of a phototransistor, the TCRT5000 sensor detects the presence of an object when the infrared beam is reflected.

The sensor is free of interference thanks to its housing made of plastic polycarbonate, with divider.

It detects objects, permits line tracking in robotic applications, scanning of codified disks and encoders, it even works through glass and methacrylate.
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