ION v5 Direct extruder

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Built in transparent acrylic 5mm

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1Extruder Acrylic Parts
1Motor Nema 17
2Bolt M3 16mm Slot
4Bolt M3 10mm Slot
7Bolt M3 12mm Slot
7Bolt M3 20mm Slot
3Bolt M3 40mm Allen
1Bolt M4 20mm Slot
2Bolt M4 55mm Allen
15Nut M3 HEX
2Nut M4 HEX
1Nut M4 Self-Blocking
1Nut M5 Self-Blocking
3Acrylic spacer M3 5mm
3Acrylic spacer M4 5mm
13Washer M3
2Washer M4
2Washer M5
1Bolt M5 60mm HEX
1MK8 Drive gear wheel
1Small Gear for Nema 17
1Tube PTFE ( Ø 2/4mm - 100mm) - only for 1.75mm
1Fan duct v5
2LM8LUU Linear Bearing
2Spring M4 12mm
1624ZZ Axial Bearing
2625ZZ Axial Bearing
1Axial Fan 12V 30mm
1Extruder E3D v5 1.75mm/3mm
This extruder can be used in any printer with an x-axis built with 8mm smooth bars with 45mm of separation between centers. Most Prusa standard printers have this separation.

This kit includes the extruder and the carriage. Both are cut by laser in transparent acrylic extrusion (great precision) sheet with 5mm thickness.

It sells disassembled.

See the assembly guide

This extruder has a reduction mechanism that transmits to the filament a force five times greater than that provided by a motor directly. Therefore we have reduced the size of the motor and also the weight of the entire extruder.

It also has a tongue that serves to easily mount or unmount the extruder body from the carriage assembly, making it possible to have multiple uses.

In the upper part of the extruder there are several holes to install the cable chain.

It has two supports to put both the inductive sensor or the capacitive sensor (the sensor is sold separately).

It is very easy to change the E3D v5 extruder from 1.75mm to a 3mm extruder. A small clamp allows you to remove the metal part and change it in seconds.

It also has a filament guide that snaps into place between the extruder walls. This guide is calibrated so that the filament passes through it, so that an increase in the width of the filament will cause a jam in the guide before causing it inside the metal body.

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