E3D titan extruder

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Manufactured for a better grip

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The Titan extruder promises improvements in all aspects, with better grip, more drag force, more adjustability and compatible with 1.75mm and 2.85mm filaments.

Along with the E3D V6 promises to be one of the best extrusores market because it has an internal mechanism with a new relacionn drag thanks to the gear ratio (3: 1) exerts a greater force on the filament and more precisely . It works correctly even with slippery filaments such as nylon.

The flow remains constant even at low resolutions. Thanks to its new transmission ratio of the gears, the motor needs less power and size. If you want to change the filament the thickness of the filament is very simple and the necessary parts are supplied for it. It is compatible with the Bowden extruder.

For mounting a motor Nema 17 is also needed and E3D extruder.
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