Laywoo wood filament D3

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Laywoo D3 Filament, 250gr

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Melting point 190 ºC
Heated bed temperature 40 ºC
This filament contains a 40% of recycled wood and the final color depends on the printing temperature, ranging from a bright color at 185 °C until almost black at 230 °C.

The printed objects have a wood-like appearance, with rings of different hues. The warping of this material is almost zero, and it does not necessarily require a heated bed for printing. The filament does not include a spool and can not be rewinded, due to its physical characteristics. We recommended to use a a horizontal rotating stand.

It is recommended to use a glass surface covered by Kapton.
This filament is very fragile and must be handled with care. For material testing there are samples (50g) available.

3D Printing - Baby Groot in Laywoo - D3 (3mm):

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