ABS Filament 3mm 1kg Anti warping

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Tolerance± 0,05 mm
Printing temperature240ºC - 260ºC
Heat bed temperature± 80ºC-90ºC
Recommended printing speed50-90 mm/s
Max. elongation at break34%
Our anti warping ABS is a next-generation filament, specially designed to reduce warping (shrinkage while cooling down), allowing larger prints while maintaining the excellent properties of ABS.

This extremely hard and impact resistant thermoplastic filament is ideal for technical use as well as for high yield pieces.

It features an excellent interlayer adhesion as well as a reliable bed adhesion, wether printing on glass, tape or other adhesives.

The properties of ABS makes it ideal for pieces that need post-processing such as sanding, drilling, etc. It is also soluble in acetone. Separate pieces can be bonded together with acetone, and their surface can be treated with a shiny or polished finishing.

In order to improve adhesion to the build platform we recommend to use a heated bed with a temperature of aprox. 100ºC. We advise to treat the printing surface with fixer lacquer or Kapton tape, or to use a BuildTak sheet. If this is not sufficient, you can use the brim function in the laminating program.

For a perfect layer adherence it is important that there are no temperature changes in the room where the printer is working, and neutralizing air currents.
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