Nylon Filament

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Nylon filament

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Printing Temperature255 - 275ºC
Melting Temperature270ºC +-10%
Print-Bed Temp100-110ºC
Tensile Strength58 MPa
Ultimate Elongation> 100%
Shore D Hardness84
Nylon, as printing filament, presents a nice surface when touched. Because its great resistance to fatigue, it is perfect to print living hinges.

It is a mechanizable thermoplastic. In fact, if holds an excellent behavior when being tapped, perforated or corrected with CNC tools.

The main uses of this filament include the creation of prothesis (not recommended for people with allergies to nylon) and robotic components.

Nylon absorbs humidity, so it is recommended to store it in a dry environment, or inside a bag with a small amount of borosylicate glass in order to absorb the air humidity.

The only disadvantage of Nylon as printing filament is the low adherence of the first layer to the printing surface. This problem is easily solved using Matt Fixer Lacquer PRO and a heated bed.
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