3D printer components kit

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Basic components for your 3D printer

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Material listBasicDeluxe
Pulley2 x GT2 20 teeth (Ø5mm)2 x GT2 16 teeth (Ø5mm)
Belt2(m) x GT2 6mm2(m) x GT2 6mm
Control board1 x Arduino MEGA25601 x Arduino MEGA2560
Shield1 x RAMPS 1.4.1 x RAMPS 1.4.
Drivers4 x A49885 x DRV8825
Heatsinks4 x for driver (with adhesive)5 x for driver (with adhesive)
End stop-3 x with cable
Heated bed1 x MK2a1 x MK3 Aluminium
Heater cartridge1 x 12V/40W1 x 12V/40W
Thermistor1 x NTC3950 (without cable)2 x NTC3950 (with cable)
Screen1 x LCD 20041 x LCD 12864 Full Graphic
USB Cable1 x A-B 40cm1 x A-B 40cm
This kit contains the mechanical, thermal and electronic parts you need to assemble a 3D printer, at an economical price.

You can choose between two kits: the basic and the deluxe kit. Please see the table for the included components in each kit.

The included electronic boards are the most used in the RepRap community, known for developing many open source 3D printers with a rich online documentation.
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