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ION-Eggbot is a perfect artistic robot to draw on your spherical surfaces like an egg or a light bulb your computer creations

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Kit of an open source art robot where you can draw on spherical surfaces, perfect for initiation to electronics, CNC and Arduino.

The size of the object can be from 3cm to 10cm. The kit is based on the Thingiverse model, with some minor modifications and improvements.

You can paint on many objects, for example: golf balls, Christmas decorations, light bulbs, eggs ...

The kit must be accompanied by the printed pieces that can be found on the GitHub

The vitamin pack consists of the following components:

1Screw M3x20 Allen
6Nut M3
215 cm bar M8
220 cm flat bar M8
2Motor Nema 17
8Screw M3x8
110cm threaded rod M8
2Nuts M8
2Screw M3x10 Allen
3Screw M2x10
2Nut M2
1Servo SG90
3Screw M3x16
1CNC Shield
1Arduino Uno
1Screw M3x30 Allen
1Cable 18 AWG 10 cm
1adapter 12V
6Cap mini jumper
1Dupont 1 pin
1Dupont macho/hembra 3 wires
1black Spiral Cable Wrap
1mickey mouse Cable
1Power supply 12V
1USB Cable
1USB extension cable

It is an easy assembly kit and only Allen and flat keys are required. It needs to be connected to the computer in order to draw on the objects and program it.

Documentation available for assembly at Docs Thingibox .
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