Stackable Box for Raspberry PI

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Valid for Raspberry Pi 2, 3 y 4

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All our Raspberry stackable boxer are compatible, and they can be piled-up independently of the type of Raspberry inside.

This kit includes the following materials:

Amount Element
1      3mm thick acrylic box
4 Self-locking M2.5 Nut
4 Screws M2,5x10 Allen
This acrylic case for Raspberry PI computers allows access to all the connectors while keeping things in order by allowing to stack the compuiters.

It features holes for a 30x30 Axial Fan (not included) that allows extra refrigeration when overclocking the Raspberry, openings to manage the GPIO bus cables, and extra space to install a set of Raspberry Pi heatsinks.

Documentation is available for assembly.
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