Assortment of hexagonal spacers M3

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Suitable for separating electronic boards

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The kit includes the following materials:

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Amount Element
50 M3 nuts
50 M3x10mm screws
10 Male-female 6mm + 6mm M3
10 Male-female splitter 12mm + 6mm M3
10 Male-Female Separator 20mm + 6mm M3
10 Male-female 20mm M3
10 Male-Female 6mm M3
10 Male-female splitter 126mm M3

The box with a total of 160 units all of them of high quality, the thread is of M3 and the step of 0,5mm. The pieces are black. They are included inside a plastic box with a size of 13x6,7x2,2 cm.
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