NEMA 17 stepper motor and planetary gear

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High Torque NEMA 17 Hybrid Stepping Motor, 1.8° and planetary gear

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Length48 mm32 mm
Rated voltage / phase4,55 V3,75 V
Rated current / phase0,68 A0.68 A
Resistance / phase6,8 Ω ± 10%5,6 Ω ± 10%
Inductance / phase4,9 H ± 20%3.4 H ± 20%
Number of leads4
Weight0,14 Kg0.11 Kg
Full step angle1.8º ± 20% (without load)
Gearbox specification
Reduction ratio19
Number os gear trains2
Length40 mm
Shaft diameter10 mm
Shaft length28 mm
This bipolar stepper engines have been designed by ourselves. Unlike other steppers available out there, our design includes a 30cm length cable connector compatible with the vast majority of electronics, from RAMPS and Sanguinololu to Megatronics.

The engines provide a high torque with a nominal power of 10W.

The price is for one unit.
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