Drive gear wheel for stepper motor

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Stainless steel drive gear wheel for stepper motor

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Filament 1,75mmFilament 1,75mmFilament 3mm
Outer diameter12mm9mm9mm
Inner diameter5mm5mm5mm
Slot width3,2mm3,2mm4,5mm
The wheel is used together with a M5 screw for building 3d printer extruders. The geared wheel clamps the filament and thanks to the resulting friction, the motor can push the filament to the fuser.

This component is CNC machined and therefore provides an excellent grip which allows very exact extruder retractions.

A small M3 grub screw prevents the wheel from moving on the screw.

Although the wheel for 3mm filament is also suitable for 1,75mm filament, we strongly recommend to use the model corresponding to the filament diameter thus it guarantees a perfect grip.
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