NEMA 17 stepper with Trapezoidal Threaded Bar

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NEMA 17 Hybrid Stepper Motor 39 mm, with threaded rod Tr8x8mm 325mm long and POM nut

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Rated voltage / Phase2,8 V
Rated current/ Phase1,68 A
Resistance / Phase1,65 Ω ± 10%
Inductance/ Phase2,3 mH ± 20%
Holding torque4,40 Kg·cm
Number of leads4
Cable length70 cm
End connectorDupont 4pins
Weight0,40 Kg
Motor length 39 mm
Total lengthca. 365 mm
Full step angle1,8º ± 5% (without load)
Threaded rodØ8 mm, Length: 325 mm
NutPOM, without backlash
4 x M3 screw holes
The motor comes with four 30cm long cables connected which is compatible with the majority of electronic components, from RAMPS over Sanguinololu to Megatronics.

These NEMA 17 have a rated power consumption of only 5W, and are specially designed for use in conventional 3D printer Z axes, as a substitute for shaft couplers and threaded rods.

The main advantage of this system is that the special nut together with the lead screw prevent backslash, which leads to a better 3D printing quality since the thickness of the layers can be controlled with a high precision. At the same time, this permits a higher positioning speed on the Z axis.

The price is for one unit.
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