E3D Extruder v6

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Aluminium extruder with brass nozzle, manufactured according to the specifications of E3D-v6.

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This new version for the hot end is less bulky than the v5 and offers a better performance with flexible filaments.

• Compatible with flexible filaments
• It reaches 300ºC with the right thermistor
• The extruder core reduces the heating time from 20ºC to 200ºC in 65 seconds
• Better temperature control
• Nozzle sizes: 04mm for 1.75mm and 3mm filaments
• Made from aluminium (body) and brass (nozzle)
• Easy to assembly

For the complete extruder the following components are necessary:
• 1 x fan duct v6
• 1 x axial fan 30x30
• 1 x heater cartridge
• 1 x thermistor
• 1 x PTFE tube for thermistors
• 1 x heat shrink tube

There is a type that includes a ceramic cartridge heater and a 100K thermistor already installed, and a tube fitting in order to connect a PTFE tube and use the extruder as a bowden extruder.
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