Heated bed 314x214

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PCB heated bed for 3D printers

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Dimensions (mm)314x214
Printing Surface (mm)300x200
Circuit Resistance1,0-1,2Ω
Maximum Temperature140ºC
The heated bed is a very important element in 3D printers when working with filaments that shrink when they cool down, like ABS.

It is also very helpful when printing with other plastics like PLA, where it provides an extra adhesion, increasing the number of successful prints.

Although it is technically possible to print directly on the heated bed, we recommend to build a sandwich-like structure: beneath the bed an isolating material, for example wood, and above the bed, with the thermistor facing upwards, a layer of thermal conductive material, and above that layer a mirror as building surface.

For this model you need to purchase a thermistor or a thermistor with cable.
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