Kapton Tape

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Polyamide tape rolls

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Property23 ºC200 ºC
Ultimate Tensile Strength231 Mpa139 Mpa
Ultimate elongation72 %83 %
Density1.42 g / cm3
Tensile Modulus2.5 GPa2.0 GPa
Impact strength78 Nw · cm
Stress to produce 5% elongation90 MPa61 MPa
Coefficient of friction (kinetic, film-to-film)0.48
Coefficient of friction (static, film-to-film)0.63
Refractive Index (sodium D line)1.70
Poisson's Ratio0.34
Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity0.12 W/m · ºK
Dupont's™ Kapton® Type HN is a tough, aromatic polyimide film, exhibiting an excellent balance of physical, chemical, and electrical properties over a wide temperature range, particularly at unusually high temperatures.

With a working temperature between -269 ºC and 400 ºC, and because its thermal properties, Kapton® is used for the creation of flexible printed circuits and, due to it good adhesion to ABS plastic, as contact surface in 3D printers heated beds, and as adhesive tape for extruders and hot ends.
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