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Built in Aluminium, with adhesive layer

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These heatsinks are designed for working in contact with chips which may cause problems due to excess of temperature.

Some models come with a thermal transfer tape that fits the heatsink perfectly onto the chip and allows to maximize the heat transfer from the chip to the heatsink.

Temperature problems with the chip may occur when working in demanding conditions above nominal values, e.g. overclocking of a microprocessor, drivers of 3D printers, prolonged use or operation with current near to the nominal values.

In extreme cases or if electronics are enclosed in a poorly ventilated housing, we recommend to use a fan in order to eliminate the maximum heat from the component.

For the Raspberry Pi 2 board we recommend to employ one big heatsink (14x14x6mm) and two small ones (8x8x5mm).

The price is for one unit.
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