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Kit of necessary components and hardware to mount an 4xidraw plotter


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Component Type Quantity
NEMA17 Stepper Single Shaft 34mm 2
Bar Steel (2x320mm / 2x450mm) M8 4
LM8UU Linear Bearing LM8UU 8
GT2 Pulley ⌀5mm x 16 teeth 5mm x 16 dientes 2
623ZZ Bearing 623ZZ 10
SG90 RC Micro Servo SG90 1
Arduino UNO R3 R3 1
CNC Shield For Arduino (GRBL Compatible) For Arduino 1
A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier A4988 2
GT2 Synchronous belt x 1m, 6mm wide 6mm 2
Threaded Bar (2x480mm) M8 2
Nut M8 Steel Hexagonal 8
Bolt M3 6mm Allen Allen 8
Bolt M3 20mm Slot Ranura 3
Bolt M3 35mm Slot Ranura 4
Bolt M3 10mm Slot Ranura 2
DC 12V/5V female power adapter connector 5.5 x 2.5mm DC 12V 1
12V 6A AC-DC Universal Power Supply Adapter 72W 1
Cable AC Mickey Mouse 1m 1
Nut M3 Steel Hexagonal 11
Washer M3 Steel 6
Bolt M3 16mm Slot 5
USB cable 40cm 1
Dupont extension 70 cm male to female 3 wires 70 cm 1
Nylon Tie 2 x 100 mm Random 2
Copper Tinned 18AWG red black 2 pin cable (10cm) 18AWG 1
DuPont connector female 1-pin 1 pin 1
Glass Fiber Tube Ø4mm (10cm) 10cm 2
Jumper cap mini 6

This kit contains everything you need to build your plotter, except the printed parts (PLA or ABS).

All the necessary screws are included in the kit. Also included are the components in the table.

About 4xiDraw
This is a plotter suitable for writing or drawing on almost every flat surface with DIN A4 size. You can attach a ball pen, pen, pencil, felt pen or similar to it.

The plotter allows you to automatically produce a computer made writing or drawing which resembles a handmade artwork, with a much more realistic appearance than any inkjet or laser printer.

The pencil holder is adjustable up to 45 degrees which makes is suitable for fountain pens or similar writing instruments.

Some typical applications for 4xiDraw are:

• Formal invitations
• Certificates signature
• Artwork
• Technical drawings
• Letters

...and many more!

This video shows the 4xiDraw available at ThingiBOX:

The design of his plotter is based on a project called AxiDraw that was modified and adapted to the Open Source community by Misan. This version has experienced further modifications and improvements by us; these are available at GitHub.

Check our assembly manual!

The original assembly instructions by Misan are available at Instructables.
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