LED 3mm 20mA

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Light-Emitting diodes that work in the visible spectrum, with a small diameter and low power consumption


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Diameter 3 mm
Working voltage From 1.8 to 3.4 V
Working current 20 mA
View angle 120º
Life 20.000 hours
Turn on/off time < 1 ms
Light intensity Up to 60 lumens
The Light-Emitting diodes (LEDS) are passive optoelectronic components capable of emitting light. They have two connectors, being the longest one the anode, and the other one the cathode. If the LED is already installed, we can know which connector is the anode just taking a look inside the LED and locating the connector that has a shape like number 1.

Amongst their properties we have:
• Very long life
• Small size
• Resistance to vibrations
• They doesn't contain Mercury
• They don't create magnetic fields
• They life is not affected by the turn on/off frequency

It is not recomendad to directly connect a LED to a power source since as they have a very limited heat dissipation capacity. This can cause the LED to burn and stop working.
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