CNC Shield For Arduino
  • CNC Shield For Arduino

CNC Shield For Arduino

Makes it easy to control a CNC machine with an Arduino UNO or Mega
Type: CNC Shield


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This board connects to an Arduino UNO or Arduino Mega in order to control a cnc machine.

A cnc machine is a tool (a drill, milling machine, laser, etc.) that moves along the axes driven by a computer-controlled motor. CNC machines improve productivity as well as precision in product manufacturing.

The board can control up to four axes by means of drivers type A4988 or DRV8825, either to duplicate one of the axis or to employ a secondary motor.

It allows up to 6 limit switches (for the minimum and maximum position of each axis) and it features a terminal with an input voltage of 123-36V.

You can use an open source firmware called “GRBL” and a software named “G-code Sender” for operating the cnc machine.
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