E3D v5 Extruder
  • E3D v5 Extruder

E3D v5 Extruder

Manufactured in aluminium and with brass nozzle.
Type: Nozzle 0.4mm and 1.75mm filament


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This version of the E3D hotend is bigger than the v6, and compatible with ABS and PLA filaments. Features:
• Heats up to 300ºC with the supplied thermistor. Swapping it for a thermo couple makes it reach 400ºC
• Very fast het up time: from 20ºC to 200ºC in 65 seconds
• Temperature control of +-0.5ºC of the selected temperature
• Nozzle sizes: 1.75mm and 3mmundefined
• Made from aluminium (body) and brass (nozzle)

The extruder includes a ceramic cartridge heater and a 100K thermistor already installed, and a tube fitting in order to connect a PTFE tube and use the extruder as a bowden extruder.

With this extruder we recommend to also buy a 30mm axial fan and the corresponding fan duct in order to keep the fan freezing the extruder body to prevent filament to melt before reaching the nozzle.
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