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MK8 Complete Extruder

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Includes fan, metal heatsink, 40W heater cartridge and 100K thermistor


We won't be able to ship any order until September 20th, 2021

Some weeks ago we finished moving our warehouse to Tortosa (Tarragona, Spain). We worked hard to open as soon as possible. We had to get the place ready for the products, install the laser, our saws, etc... We finally opened the store again but now we need some holidays.

We will be back on September 20th, 2021, so we will ship all the orders that same date.


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Type MK8
Nozzle 0,3mm
Prints ABS/PLA
Extrudes 24cm3/h
Heater cartridge 12V / 6mm / 30W
thermistor resistance 100K Ohm
Fan voltage 12V
Weight 425gr.
Torque 4Kg/cm
Max. Working Temp. 280ºC
Cable lengths 70cm
Connectors Dupont
This MK8 extruder for 1.75mm filaments is completely mounted and ready to print. It includes:

• 1 x Axial fan 40x40mm with grating (13cm cable with connector)
• 1 x Metal heatsink
• 1 x Heater cartridge 40W (1m cable)
• 1 x 100K Thermistor 1m cable with DUPONT connector)
• 1 x Motor kysan KS42STH40-1204A, 4 wires
• 1 x 0,3mm Nozzle
• 1 x Heat-break for 1.75mm filament
• 1 x Heater block with fixing screw for for the heater cartridge
• 1 x Metal filament drive block

• 1 x Tube fitting (not included), diameter 4mm

The extruder includes all necessary screws for mounting the complete unit. Available only for 1.75mm filament diameter, for larger diameters we recommend to use a planetary or other gear.

This extruder is thorougly tested for ABS and PLA filaments. However it also is suitable for other materials. The Kysan motor which comes with the extruder works perfectly with the drivers A4988 because its maximum capability lays at 1.2A per phase (it has 2). One full step equals 1.8 deg.
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