Extruder Drive Gear
  • Extruder Drive Gear

Extruder Drive Gear

Toothed wheel that drives the filament into the extruder directly.
Type: 40 teeth, Ø int, 5mm, stainless steel


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Property: 26 teeth, brass 26 teeth, steel 40 teeth, steel
Inner Diameter 5mm
External Diameter 11mm 12mm
Height 11mm
Number of gears 26 40
Pressure Angle - 50º
Material Brass Stainless Steel 303

This gearwheel is placed on the extruder motor shaft and drives the filament by friction directly to the fuser, without reduction gear.

It is mainly used for 1.75mm filaments since it permits direct extrusion or bowdent setups though it can be used for 3mm filaments as well.
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