MK8 Aluminium Extruder Feeder

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for direct extrusion, 1.75mm filament


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Quantity Product Type
1 Bolt M5 8mm
1 Bolt M4 20mm
1 Bolt M4 8mm
1 Bolt M3 16mm
2 Bolt M3 6mm
1 Ball Bearing Guide
1 Drive gear MK8
1 Spacer Aluminum
1 Spring 21mm
1 Frame Aluminum
1 Handle Aluminum
In addition to the extruder aluminum body, also includes the materials specified in the table

To assembly an direct extruder, we also need the following materials:
1 x Aluminum heatsink
1 x Axial Fan 40x40mm
2 x Bolt Allen M3x40mm
1 x Barrel For 1.75mm Filament
1 x Nut M6
1 x Nozzle 0.4mm
1 x Extruder Core
1 x Heater Cartridge
1 x Thermistor With Cable

In the case of a bowden extruder, we recommend to buy:
1 x PTFE Tube 2x4
1 x Entrance Tube Fitting
1 x Exit Tube Fitting
1 x Extruder v5 o v6
1 x Fan Duct 30x30mm v5
1 x Axial Fan 30x30x10mm

This product is only for 1.75mm filaments, due to the diameter of the inlet and outlet holes of the block

Assembly Video Direct Extruder:

Assembly Video Bowden Type Extruder:

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