E3D V6 extruder barrels with heatbreak

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M6 or M7 hotend throat


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The extruder barrel (also called throat) guides the filament in an aligned manner into the nozzle. The barrel is screwed into the extruder heat block (where the heater cartridge is located) until it reaches the thread of the nozzle. This way the entire duct is sealed and protected from leaks at the joint. It is 26mm long and has a M6 threat, therefore it is compatible with the E3D v5 extruder and MK8, and with the Titan Aero.

The inside of the barrel can be lined with a PTFE tube which prevents from obstruction in case the filament gets welded to the metal due to excess temperature and makes the filament feeding easier due to the low friction coefficient of PTFE .

There are two types of V6 barrels: Those with M6 thread and those with M7 thread.

V6 barrels are almost the same as V5 spindles but have a threadless section on the side that is inserted into the heatsink. This flat part does not prevent us from using them in the V5 heatsinks so they are backward compatible.

M7 barrles are those used in V6 hotends and their derivatives. Having an M7 thread, they cannot be used in V5 extruders or in some V6s such as the Titan Aero.
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