Gold finishing spray paint
  • Gold finishing spray paint

Gold finishing spray paint

Spray paint for plastics. Creates a metallic surface appearance. Fast dry
Type: Gold 400ml


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With this paint you can give an amazing metal finishing to 3D-printed pieces produced with any kind of plastic.
Although a single layer already gives the proper color, you can get completely smooth surfaces by applying subsequent layers without using acetone vapor, while augmenting the thickness and therefore the durability of the paint layer.

The paint must be applied at about 20cm of the printed model, in an uniform way, a layer at a time. Then we have to wait some hours in order to dry the surface before applying the next one until achieving the desired results.

It is available in three colors: Gold, Silver and Copper, and it is perfect to give that final steampunk touch to your designs.

This paint loses its brightness if the piece is left in the dishwasher, depending of the water temperature.
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