PETG filament

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European virgin PETG filament


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Brand Thingibox
Diameter 1,75mm
Tolerance ±0,05mm
Weight filament 1 kg
Spool size 200mm x 68mm
Spool hub
PETG is a clear amorphous thermoplastic that can be injection molded, sheet extruded or extruded as filament for 3D printing. It can be colored during processing.

PETG filaments are recognized by their tenacity, transparency and rigidity. It can be said that they combine the printing easyness of PLA and the resistance and durability of ABS.

With a extremely high resistance it is possible to print very solid and robust structures. Also, this filament is approved by the FDA for its use in the food industry.

PETG filaments have a very low warping. This makes them perfect for big printing surfaces. ALso, they does not produce any kind of odor or smoke while being printed.

Unlike ABS, PETG filament is not biodegradable, but it is 100% reciclable. PETG printed objects are knows and appreciated for their transparency and it is one of the filaments with best behavior when printing in bridge mode.
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