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Flexible filament SainSmart
  • Flexible filament SainSmart

Flexible filament SainSmart

SainSMART flexible filament, vacuum packaged
Type: 1.75mm transparent blue - 250g


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Our flexible filament made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), is a flexible material of high resistance. The pieces printed with this filament recover their original shape after being pressed. It has a great flexibility with rigid structure

The adhesion of the SmartSMART filament is excellent, and does not require a warm bed. It can be printed on a 3D printer at a speed between 15 and 30 mm / s although the speed can be higher, depending on the extruder used.

Printing temperature: 195 - 230 ºC
Temperature platform: 40-60ºC
Hardness: 95A
Multiplier: 1.1 (optional)
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