PLA-X Filament 1.75mm

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High performance PLA plastic filament


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Some weeks ago we finished moving our warehouse to Tortosa (Tarragona, Spain). We worked hard to open as soon as possible. We had to get the place ready for the products, install the laser, our saws, etc... We finally opened the store again but now we need some holidays.

We will be back on September 20th, 2021, so we will ship all the orders that same date.


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Brand ThingiBOX
Print temperature 230ºC
Spool size approx. 200mm
Spool hub diameter approx. 55mm

The PLA plastic (polylactic acid) is more fragile than ABS and its machining is difficult. However, it is easy to print thanks to its viscosity.

When cooling, Pla shrinks more than ABS, but it provides good adhesion between layers and will not cause warping problems, even with low temperature platforms ( ≈60-70ºC).

In this case, with our PLA-X, we have the advantages of ABS and PLA together in one product. Due to its special formulation, its structure is already highly crystalline after printing, so it withstands higher temperatures than normal PLA but, after an annealing process, it can resist temperatures of up to 95ºC without deforming and, unlike other PLA resistant to temperature, does not shrink after annealing.

Without any doubt, a perfect material for industrial applications and for parts that require high mechanical properties but with the ease provided by PLA and with a matte finish that gives the pieces a professional touch and elegance.

We have found an optimal adhesion to the platform when printing on glass using lacquer that varies its properties depending on the temperature.
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