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The kit includes the following materials:

Amount Element
1 5mm thick acrylic box
4 Rubber foot
1 AC cable with switch
1 AC power cord td>   
1 USB B extension cable at 90º angle
1 USB Cable A-B 40cm
6 Dupont Male / Female Extension 70cm 2 Pins
6 Dupont male / female extension 3-pin extension
6 Dupont Male / Female Extension 4-pin 70cm
3 XT30 male / female connectors
2 Axial fan 40mm
4 Isolated terminal FDD2-187
1 Cables for connections
1 Screws

This box for electronics serves to store the electronics of any type of 3D printer, open source. It has been created to provide a closed space to save the electronics of those printers that do not have a system to store it.

The idea of ​​this product is based on having better organized and closed cables, connections and electronics. Just by opening the top acrylic lid of the box, we can change the components that can be damaged over time. And allows easy transport of the whole. So when a problem occurs it will not be necessary to transport the entire printer.

The connection between a 3D printer and the box is very simple, made through some connectors that are located on the back of it. In this way we can connect and disconnect a very fast printer, being able to move or transport it better.

Also included is a switch with light to power the electronics with a single button and thus forget to connect and disconnect the power cable.

This box is designed to be able to install a raspberry and thus be able to benefit from its benefits in a practical way and without generating more space.

The kit is compatible with the 2004 LCD screen or Full Graphic screen. Inside the kit there are two different front panels according to the screen that will be used.

Inside the electronic box you can install all the necessary components to put a 3D printer into operation:

Amount Element
1 Power Supply
1 Arduino Mega 2560
1 Ramps v1.4 with its drivers
1 LCD Display 2004 or Full Graphic Screen
1 Screw-in RJ45 Extension Cable

Documentation available for assembly at Docs Thingibox .

To make a step, you may need a soldering iron and tin.
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