Bipolar Driver A4988 2A

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Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver


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Steppings up to 1/16
Output voltage from 8 to 35 V
Output current up to 2A (1A/phase)
Compatible with NEMA 14, 17
Working voltage from 3 to 5,5 V
Pinout separation 2,54mm
The driver controller A4988 is compatible with our Nema 17 and Nema 14 motors. For the Nema 23 motor we recommend the use of the model DRV8825.

In addition, this small component includes:
• Compatible with almost all boards (RAMPS, Sanguinololu, etc...)
• Overheating protection
• Automatic blocking when the voltage drops out of working conditions
• Cross-current protection
• Over voltage protection

The output power can be adjusted using the small potentiometer soldered to the board.

It is not recommended to modify the wiring of this (and other) electronic component while it is powered. For the use over long periods with currents close to the nominal value, we recommend to employ a heat sink with every driver.
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