Cable drag chain
  • Cable drag chain
  • Cable drag chain
  • Cable drag chain
  • Cable drag chain

Cable drag chain

Nylon reinforced cable chain
Type: 10 x 16mm (1m)


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This protection chain for cables, pipes or tubes is made of reinforced nylon and is used in applications where the supply connections have to follow the movements of the machine.

This way, the cables stay organized and protected preventing them from getting caught or damaged during operation, and they have a more pleasant appearance.

The chain includes and end piece on each end. However, you can purchase more end pieces clicking on the option End pieces in the drop-down menu Type (only available for chain 10 x 16mm). They are sold in sets of two.

The main features of the chain are:

Inner dimensions 15 x 40mm 10 x 16mm
Outer dimensions (H) 20 x 49mm 13 x 24.15mm
Distance between chain links (P) 20mm 20mm
Length 1 M 1 M
Number of chain links
(without end pieces)
48 48
Turn radius (R) 25mm 20mm

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