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GT2 pulleys without fixing screw
  • GT2 pulleys without fixing screw

GT2 pulleys without fixing screw

GT2 pulley made of aluminium, for belts of up 7mm wide
Type: GT2 16 teeth Ø3mm


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Teeth 16 20
Inner diameter 3mm 5mm
Outer diameter 13mm 18mm
Total length 8.6mm 18mm
Teeth length 6.5mm 7.5mm
Material Aluminium
The GT2 pulley is the perfect component to forever eliminate the hated backslash between the belt and the gear teeths. It's mandatory in the X and Y axes in order to get the best superficial finishings in a 3D printer or belt-driven CNC machine. Helps to maintain a uniform movement of the belt at the end opposite the motor in our printer

With a bore diameter of 5mm, this pulley is compatible with the vast majority of the Nema17 and Nema14 motors used in the RepRap project.

Although technically they can be used with up to 7mm belts, this pulley works beautifully with 5mm or 6mm synchronous belts.

The price is for one unit.
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