3D Touch sensor

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Similar to BL-Touch


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This touch sensor is compatible with the vast majority of 3D printers. It is used to detect the 3D printing surface by touching it, and it is usually mounted in the extruder itself, and used in bilinear surface calibration.

This new 2.0 version features a retractable policarbonate pin, which makes it compatible with magnetic platforms.

Kit contents
1 x 3D Touch sensor
1 x 200mm cable
2 x M3 slot bolts
2 x M3 nuts
8 x Metal terminals
1 x 1000m cable
1 x XH2.54mm 3 pin terminal
1 x XH2.54mm 2 pin terminal

Tech specs:

Voltage 5V
Current 15mA
Max current (peak) 300mA
Shell material PC
Shell color Translucent white
Cable length Short: 200mm
Long: 1000mm
Wire 3 pin:
- Green: GND
- Red: +5V
- Orange: Signal

2 pin:
- Black: GND
- White: Zmin

G-code commands:

Action G-code
Marlin Repetier  Smoothieware 
Push-pin down M280 P0 S10 M340 P0 S700 M280 S3.0
Push-pin up M280 P0 S90 M340 P0 S1500 M280 S7.0
Self-test M280 P0 S120 M340 P0 S1800 M280 S8.4
Alarm release
(Push-pin up)
M280 P0 S160 M340 P0 S2200 M280 S10.6
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