Mondrian Panels

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Panels for the constructions of a Mondrian printer, lasercut, transparent methacrylate


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The RepRap Mondrian 3D printer is a Cartesian robot built from 20x20mm aluminium profiles.
This is version 3.0.

For this printer you need several panels with different thicknesses. Some of them are absolutely necessary to hold the electronic components and the structure, whereas others are optional for building a closed housing for the printer.

Necessary panels:
• Structure + platform
• Electronics

For the structure and platform you can use both, 5mm or 6mm panels. The correct size depends on the width of the profile groove which can be 5 or 6mm, thus the printer's structure is inserted into the groove. If you want to use our aluminium V-Slot 20x20 profile for the construction of the printer, you will need the 6mm panels.

The optional panels are cut from 4mm acryl:
• Front panel + corner
• Lateral panels
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