Jonas Kuehling Extruder

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Improved version of the Wade Geared Extruder.


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Jonas Kuehling is a developer known for his contributions to the RepRap project. One of his most notorious contributions is a modification of the Wade Extruder which features the following improvements:

• Filament guidance system
• Possibility to disassemble parts of the extruder in order to access the toothed bolt
• Support for larger bearings
• Compatibility with E3D extruders.
Herringbone gear

This extruder holder is printed in ABS / PLA with a layer thickness of 0.2mm and a 30% filling. It is particularly suitable for printing with 3mm filaments although it also works perfectly with 1.75mm filaments.

The following vitamins are needed in order to complete the extruder:

• 2 x Spring M4x12mm
• 3 x Bearing 608ZZ
• 3 x Allen bolt M3x10mm
• 1 x Bolt M3x10mm
• 3 x Bolt M3x30mm
• 2 x Bolt M4x20mm
• 1 x Hobbed bolt M8
• 2 x Allen bolt M4x60mm
• 3 x Self-blocking nut M3
• 1 x Self-blocking nut M8
• 4 x Nut M4
• 10 x Washer M3
• 4 x Washer M4
• 20mm threaded bar M8 (included)
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