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PTFE tube for bowden extruders and thermistors


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Material PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)
Density 137.34 lb/ft3
Melting temperature 620.2ºF
Elongation at break 300%
Coefficient of kinetic friction 0,06 ~ 0,1
Tensile modulus 58 ~ 261PSI
Tensile strenght 1305 ~ 4351PSI
Izod impact strength 160J·m-1
Water absorption (24h) 0,01%
UV resistance Very good
The bowden extruder is widely used in order to minimize the weight in the axis that moves the nozzle. This way the stepper motor that pushes the filament is located outside of the printer and therefore the printing speed increases.

Thanks to the inner diameter of the teflon tube, and for their thermal and friction characteristics, it is suitable for guiding the ABS or PLA plastic filament (and also other types of filament) into your 3D printer fuser.

Besides, given its high resistance to high temperatures, the smallest diameters of the tube can be used to isolate the wires of the thermistor and to avoid their touching during the printing process which would stop the 3D printer.

If you order more quantity it will be supplied in a continuous tube.

The tube with inner diameter of 2mm is ideal for filaments with a diameter of 1.75mm
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