Matt Fixer Lacquer PRO
  • Matt Fixer Lacquer PRO

Matt Fixer Lacquer PRO

Keeps the ABS and PLA plastics glued to the heated bed with only 80°C and allows an easy detach when cooling.
Type: Transparent 400ml


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From immemorial times, we have encountered the same problem: ¿How to achieve that the plastic stays fixed to the printing bed while the object is being printed by our 3D printer?

One possibility is to heat the bed. This will help, but it is not a solution to our problem. The current solution is to apply hairspray to the printing bed. But this leads us to another problem: how to remove the object without harming the object or the bed.

After trying with all sort of adhesive, we choose this diy-laquer that puts an end once and forever to the problem of detaching the piece, because it looses its effect at low temperatures while at a temperature of only 70ºC or 80ºC on the base, it causes an adherence which puts an end to warping. This is valid for PLA and for ABS, even for printing on glass surfaces.

This product is considered inflamable material and can not be send by Post. Please chose another carrier.
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