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Small Direct Current Fan


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Dimensions (mm) 40x40x10 40x40x10 30x30x10 60x60x10
Noise level 24 dbA 30 dbA 24 dbA 33 dbA
Speed 6000 RPM 7000 RPM 1700 RPM 4500 RPM
Connector 2pin 2pin 2pin 2/3pin
Cable length 30cm 30cm 20cm 22 cm
Estimated life 35000 hours 70000 hours 35000 hours 35000 hours
Type of bearing Plain bearing Dual Ball Bearing Plain bearing Plain bearing
Peso 15g 15g 7.5g 27g

This small fan is ideal for cooling 3D printer metal extruders with cooling fins as well as printed objects (e.g. when using PLA filament for 3D printing).

The fan has four mounting holes for M3 screws and can be used for cooling inside housings for circuits such as Arduino or Raspberry PI, or for any other project that requires active cooling.

The 5V and 40mm fan is specifically used to refrigerate a Raspberry Pi board and the 24V 4010 fan is compatible with Creality Ender3 and CR-10 and similar printers.
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