Heated bed glass
  • Heated bed glass

Heated bed glass

A completely flat surface for 3D printing
Type: 200 x 200 x 3mm
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With these 3mm thick glass sheets you obtain a totally flat and even printing surface, to such extreme that it produces a vacuum between the printing bed and the glass which might make it difficult to remove.

The plates are manufactured in Barcelona upon our specifications. With their dimensions they suite any 200x200mm / 200x300mm heating bed.

The edges of the glass plate are rounded and its dielectic constant almost doubles the one of the borosilicate glass (pyrex). Therefore you can use capacitive sensors in your 3d printer.

The thermal expansion of the glass is approximately 1mm per 100ºC increase which makes it much easier to remove the printed pieces. In fact, they practically detach on their own when the plate cools down, specially if you use lacquer that looses its effect at los temperatures.

On the other hand, the heating bed temperature has to stay constant during the whole printing process in order to guarantee the dimensional stability of the work piece.
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