KIT POM v-wheel for v-slot

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Machined high precision Delrin wheel for v-slot profiles

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These POM v-slot wheels have been CNC machined in order to obtain excellent precision.

They fit in the slot of the V-Slot profile 20x20 or 20x40 and thus provide a smooth and low-friction movement along the profile.

The kit includes:

• 1 x delrin wheel (24,39*10,23mm)
• 2 x ball bearing 625-2RS (5*16*5mm)
• 1 x stainless steel washer (8*5,2*1mm)
• 2 x washer M5
• 1 x aluminium spacer 1/4 (8*5,3*6,35mm)
• 1 x black screw (M5*25MM)
• 1 x self-locking nut (M5)

Included in our kit you will find three washers. One of them goes between both axial bearings. The other two should be placed at the sides of the bearings in order to avoid friction with the spacer or the bolt head.

We also recommend you to buy two extra washers for the POM kit, which are mounted on each side of the bearings. The one included in the kit is to put it between the bearings.

These wheels are compatible with the V-Slot gantry plates and the eccentric gantry plates for V-Slot.

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