Nema 17 stepper motor - 34mm
  • Nema 17 stepper motor - 34mm

Nema 17 stepper motor - 34mm

NEMA 17 Hybrid Stepper Motor, 1.8° and 34mm
Type: Double Shaft: TB42HT34-1684BC


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TB42HT34 1684AC 1684BC
Phases 2 (4 hilos)
Step angle 1,8 grados
Voltage 1,95 V
Current 1,7 A
Resistance 1,15Ω ±10%
Inductance 1,5mH ±20%
Holding torque 2,5 kg*cm
Insulation class B
Mass 0,22 kg
Shaft diameter 5mm
Length front shaft 22mm
Length rear shaft - 10mm
Thanks to its reduced dimensions and weight, these bipolar motors are highly recommended for the use in direct extruders with 1.75mm filament.

The motors are equipped with 70cm long wires.

They are available with one shaft (on one side only) and with double shaft (one continuous shaft / shaft on both sides).

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