Thermistor with cable
  • Thermistor with cable

Thermistor with cable

100KΩ Thermistor, ideal for 3D printers
Type: NTC3950 - 100KΩ with Cable


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Operating temperature range -58 ~ 500ºF
Resistance at 77ºF 100KΩ±1%
Thermal dissipation constant δ = 1,1 ~ 1,6mW/ºC in still air
Characteristic temperature B = 3950K±1%
Thermal time constant τ<10 ~ 17s in still air
This thermistor covers the temperature range required for 3D printing with independence of the filament type used.

Thi thermisto includes (already installed) PTFE sleeves in orer to avoid short circuits during the printing process.

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